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Sized and weighted perfectly for beginners, these beautiful little Ben Wa Balls from the Climax collection combine slick, blissfully temperature receptive glass with silky high end silicone, resulting in a completely body safe, user friendly and, above all, pleasurable experience. Lightweight, at 1.6oz (45.4g) in total, the Balls come encased snugly in a velvety silicone girdle- newcomers to this type of pelvic strengthening tool should start off with the set as is, but as experience graduates, the smooth glass spheres can be removed and used one at a time or together. Naturally promoting pelvic floor and overall vaginal strength, the subtle tug of the Balls pinpoints the key muscles responsible for kegels, as they’ll needed to be voluntarily contracted keep the set in place. Stronger pelvic floor muscles are responsible for a host of sexual benefits, from bladder control and toning after childbirth, the ability to grip a partner more intensely during sex, and overall stronger orgasms and sexual control. Completely hypoallergenic and absolutely hygienic, the Balls can be bleached or boiled for total sterilization- you can even run them through the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). Soap and water or a good toy cleaner works well for a quick wash  before insertion, as well. Avoid using silicone based lubricant in combination with the Balls, a water based formula will work very well. Velvety storage bag included. * The Climax Glass Ben Wa Balls are 6 1/2 inches in length when in their silicone girdle and weigh 1.6oz (45.4g) combined. Each glass ball is .6oz (17g).


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