Fusion Triple Suckers


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Created to provide ultra intense, fantastically stimulating suction targeted to just about any sensitive bit of flesh desired, the Master Series Fusion Triple Suckers, though absolutely perfect for advanced nipple play, can be enjoyed elsewhere just as effectively. Large and exceedingly sturdy, the Suckers feature a wide circular opening capable of fully surrounding the nipples, clitoris and more. Simply press the Sucker against the skin to create a seal, and twist the black cap clockwise to activate suction- an internal plunger will rise, drawing air (and flesh) up through the cylinder as it goes. Twist the cap in the opposite direction to release internal pressure. In a firm, hygienic ABS plastic, the Fusion set is easy to clean with simple soapy water. Each sucker is 4 inches (10.2cm), with an inner diameter of 1.17 inches (3cm)


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