Rock Hard Pump Kit


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This great kit for grow-ups helps you build yourself an impressive erection, it’s packed with tried and true tools sure to get you to your goal. Inside your kit, you’ll find a classic penis pump consisting of a clear, hard cylinder and simple squeeze bulb connected to a length of flexible hose. A soft, removable donut sleeve surrounds the entry for a comfortable, airtight fit. Once you’ve reached your goal, you can slip on the great looking adjustable leather ball spreader, which not only looks sexy, but will keep all that just-pumped blood where you want it (keeping you hard!), it will hold you tight at the base of your cock and around the balls. Some men swear by butt plugs as a way to get and keep them hard, it’s certainly true that anal penetration can indirectly stimulate the prostate, which is essentially the control center for your penis. With this in mind, the Pump Kit also contains a smooth, manageable silicone anal probe that’s sized for all experience levels. Like all good anal toys, it has a wide base for safety and control. Total length of pump is approximately 8 inches, and the included accessories are phthalate free.
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