Silicone Kegal Balls in Black/Pink



Product Description

Tucked securely into a velvety silicone girdle, two of four available weighted spheres inspire contractions of the vaginal wall, an effect that, over time, helps to strengthen and tone and pelvis floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, control and orgasm enhancement. Offering several combinations of weight, the Silicone Kegel Balls come complete with a choice of four interchangeable spheres, two at 20g (.7oz), one at 30g (1oz) and one at 40g (1.4oz). Beginner kegel practitioners should generally start with a lighter combination, graduating to a heavier duo when ready. Made of an incomparably hygienic, safely hypoallergenic Pure silicone material, the Silicone Kegel Balls set is ideally suited to delicate skin, plus, the nonporous surface cleans thoroughly and easily. Silicone is notably temperature-receptive, so the Balls will warm quickly to body heat and can be manipulated further temperature-wise with a soak in heated or chilled water before play. Always enjoy a great quality water based lubricant in combination if needed, avoid silicone based lubes and contact with other silicone products. * The Silicone Kegel Balls set is 6 inches (15cm) in total length and 3.5 inches (9cm) in insertable length.


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