Posh Silicone “O” Beads in Blue


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With their fantastically stimulating texture, ultra supple feel and durable design, the Silicone ‘O’ Beads certainly live up to the Posh collection’s commitment to high end, luxuriously designed functionality. Five beads adorn each silicone strand, the smaller set features an all-over nubby pattern, while the larger boasts a spiraled honey-dip texture, the beads themselves are perfectly spherical and spaced evenly. Great for beginners, the smaller of the two sets is ultra manageable and the petite circumference of the beads won’t shock anal muscles being newly stimulated. The larger set can be graduated to, or used straightaway, each stand is extremely flexible, conforming precisely to unique body curves, while a large ringed handle keep the Beads close at hand. Made from incomparably hygienic, ultra silky silicone, the ‘O’ Beads can be fully sterilized if desired, simply drop them in boiling water for a few moments, or wipe with a bleach solution, they can also be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. Silicone is completely hypoallergenic and a wonderful choice for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, it’s also intensely temperature-sensitive, and will warm quickly to match body temperature during use. Use a great quality water-based lubricant along with the Beads to keep them in top shape, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should storage with other silicone products. Specifications
  • Length – 10 3/4″ (large), 10″ (small)
  • Insertable Length – 8 3/4″ (large), 7 3/4″ (small)
  • Girth – 3″ (large), 2.4″ (small)
  • Width – .9″ (large), 3/4″ (small)
  • Material – Silicone
  • Special Features – Hygienic, hypoallergenic, textured
  • Color – Blue


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